FDR CREW Braving the Hudson for over 60 years!

The Legacy

On these pages we honor the long tradition of crew at FDR.  The pictures were taken (so far) as photographs of yearbooks from the collection in the FDR High School Library.  We gratefully acknowledge the help and cooperation of the Librarian, Tracy Ansley.

For any alumni issues, contact the Alumni Activities Committee.

For an interview with original team member Jack Gray, look here

Some notes:

 1)  Some years crew didn't make it into the yearbook.  If you have team pictures from those years we'd be glad to post them here

 2)  Some years there are pictures, but no real 'team' picture(s).  Again, if you have a better picture than what we got from the yearbook we'd be glad to post it here.

3)  All that said, this is not intended to be an archive of every picture from every year.  If you have an online archive from a particular year (or years) we'd be glad to link to it though.

4)  In the early years the crew pictures didn't make it into the yearbook until the following year.  For example, the Spring 1950 season's pictures are in the 1951 yearbook.  Right now the pictures are listed by the yearbook they appeared in.  Bear with us as we try to clarify which years are actually which.  Help is welcome!

5)  Finally, we know there are typos and other errors in the yearbooks and I'm sure I've introduced some more creating these pages.  I apologize for any and all errors and would be delighted to make corrections.  Thanks.

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