FDR CREW Braving the Hudson for over 60 years!

Race Day Information

Clothing Needed For a Race:

  • Uniform - orders placed at parent meeting in March
  • Must HAVE or will not be able to race.

What Rower should bring to a Race:

  • Extra clothes, extra socks, blanket, pillow, rain boots/shoes, water, hat gloves rain jacket
  • Towel, gallon zip lock bag or shopping bag for wet clothes, suntan lotion, bug spray
  • Money for shirts/race merchandise (optional), hand sanitizer (optional), something to keep busy with when not racing (book, travel
  • board game....)
  • Be CAUTIOUS with electronics, they can get wet, forgotten or stolen
  • Rowers ARE responsible for what they bring with them. FDR Crew, coaches or the boathouse are NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost or
  • stolen property.

What Rower should NOT bring to a Race:

  • Anything that the Rower can not bear to lose due to theft, loss or unintentional damage.

What happens at a Race for Rowers:

  • Load and unload boat Trail
  • Rig & de-rig boats - EVERY team member MUST help.
  • Condition/warm-up
  • Rest and eat. (DO NOT eat heavy at least 2 hours before a race. There will be food waiting afterwards for racers.)
  • BE ON TIME for start of race - 1.5 hours before race OR when the Coach Advises.

What happens at a Race for Parents/Spectators:

  • Relax and CHEER

What the Spectator Should Bring to the Race:

  • Chair, binoculars, umbrella, camera, food, beverages, extra blanket, warm clothes.
  • For a small fee per person, can purchase food and beverages from the Team Tent.

Behavior Expected by Rower:

  • Be on Time and Be prepared
  • Listen to and RESPECT the Coaches and Parents helping out.
  • Be Respectful of other Team members and Teams
  • ALL hands on deck till dismissed by Coach

Parental Expectations:

  • Have your rower to the HOME races or to the DEPARTURE location for away races ON TIME.


  • Need to make coaches aware.

Who to Go To for Questions/Answers:

1. A Hyde Park Rowing Association (HPRA) Board Member
         Contact information can be found at www.fdrcrew.org

2. Coaches: Novice Boys : Coach Even Quest Novice Girls: Coach Lyndsey Posner

 Varsity Boys: Coach Harry Harrington Varsity Girls: Coach Kate Brownson

3. Http://fdrcrew.org/haveaquestionaskus.htm

4. Http://fdrcrew.org/parentinformation.htm