FDR CREW Braving the Hudson for over 60 years!

The 1990s


Top Row:  A. Pastor, J. Bozick, R. Cordato, D. Hoban, S. Andros, A. Murphy, M. Brocks
Ninth Row:  N. Canale, L. Simmons, A. Shaffer, R. Bosco, M. Perkins, J. Lange, P. Bishop, Coach G. Clarke
Eighth Row:  K. Anderson, A. Heinrich, M. Montaruli, A. Conrad, C. Soper, A. Baldascino, S. Clarke, S. Cary, R. Martinez
Seventh Row:  M. Mauer, T. Germano, J. Cathers, B. Haag, T. Lange, M. Assenza, D. Mulqueen, T. Lanigan
Sixth Row:  J. Wowaka, S. Fabian, S. Vancil, I. Burkhardt, B. Pearson, E. Mushel, R. Wisniewski, Coach A. Friedrichsen

Fifth Row:  Coach M. Vertullo, E. Bissinger, B. Holt, T. Warhola, B. Valazich, N. Avallone, A. Dandar, J. Hogdon, N. Monteleone
Fourth Row:  T. Dwy, L. Fritz, M. Sachson, A. Engle, R. Theissen, A. DiTomasso, D. Rassin, K. Shaw
Third Row:  M. Flowers, C. Henry, A. Champion, S. Laurino, K. Studer, M. Cameron
Second Row:  H. Anderson, L. Posner, K. Wynn, L. Lyons, J. Foster, S. Perry
Front Row:  L. Valente, E. Fritz, M. Cappillino, M. Kelleher, K. Mayerhofer, S. Barr, B. Clarke, C. St. Germaine


<No Yearbook photos or names for 1998>


<No Yearbook photos or names for 1997>


Varsity Boys
A. Lewis, R.T. Corkery, S. Ring, S. Michiels, J. Flowers, Coach R. Barnum, S. Assenza, J. Reetz, J. Stratton, M. Fahkouri
Varsity Second Eight
S. Cobb, J. Borchers, E. Balazich, O. Clark, B. Sachson, R. Holmes, T. Payne, J. Straley, M. Arkins
Back Row:  P. Bishop, M. Allers, K. Utter, D. Weih, J. Boe, J. Buckner, E. Schaefer, J. Straley, S. Horst, S. McCavara, D. Schaefer
Front Row:  A. Loquidice, S. Studd, M. McCormack, J. Fasano, J. DiTomasso, J. Harrington, J. Kelly, M. Scardaci
Freshman 8:
K. Cappillino, N. Bishop, S. St. Germaine, M. St. Germaine, J. Fitchett, A. Jackson, M. Pastor, B. Balazich, J. Weih
 Novice 8:
J. Gasparini, K. White, K. Malet, J. Schrull, M. Wentworth, T. Warhola, M. Conrad, M. Key, A. Champion, M. Petrone, L. Cross, A. Maxfield
The 1995 season was one to remembef for Coach Vertullo and the Girls' Crew.  Following their impressive fourth place finish at the Stotesbury Cup Regatt and capturing their first Principal's Cup over Niskyauna, the Crew travelled to Mercer County, N.J. for the Scholastic Nationals.  At the Nationals, the team made history by placing two boats in finals.  The Girls' Junior Eight placed sixth, while the Lightweight Eight won the bronze.

The 1995 Men's crew season was one its members will never forget.  The Varsity shell kicked off the racing season with a crushing victory over Liverpool High School, followed by a narrow win over Niskayuna.  Next, the rowers set their sights for the most prestigious of all regattas, the Stotesbury Cup.  It had been nine years since a Varsity mens shell had ever made it to the finals at the Stotesbury Cup.  The season came to a culmination when the Varsity eight boat successfully made it to the petite finals and placed 11th in the nation.  Thiw as Coach Barnum's first career Stotesbury final race, one that was long overdue.  The success of this Varsity eight, of whom only two were seniors, will be the force which motivates this year's Varsity to do even better.


Back Row- R. Travis, E. Balazich, M. Fakhouri, T. Payne, M. Arkins, R.T. Corkery, J. Borchers
Front Row - J. FLowers
Back Row - A. Wolf, B. Francese, S. Cobb, J.Straley, S.Christie
Front Row - M. Crimmons, R. Zybriski, D. Borchers, S. Horst
S. Loguidice, S. Delsanto, C. Dalley, S. Ring, B. Sachson,R. Holmes, J. Stratton, M. Allers, M. James
Back Row - S. Middleton, H. Jonas, K. Caiola, B. Brehen, J. Marchese, J. Bender
Front Row - T. Crocco, L. Fenton, K. Myers
Back Row - H. Jonas, S. Leroy, K. Caiola, J. Bender, A. Romano
Front Row- E. Lovelace, L. Fenton, L. Gallo
Back Row - A. Hoffnagle, C. Cullen, A. Maxfield, N. Bishop, J. Wawrzonek, C. Bosco, S. Farrell, H. Hicks.
Front - M. Bridges
Back Row - C. Cameron, J. Theisen, J. Jacques, C. Jones
Front Row  - A. Richter, A. Hughes, K. Harris, S. Caprioli
The 1994 crew season was an extremely successful one.  After an intense and lengthy training period, the varsity team kicked off the season with a crushing victory over Liverpool High School.  Liverpool was coming off a ten year winning streak.  Another noteable point in their season was a sweep at the Annual Triangular Race.  The team beat out Poughkeepsie and Arlington High Schools to clinch this victory.  The team concluded the season with a two-boat semifinal appearance at Nationals.  The Freshman-8 men's team rowed as the only Roosevelt delegate at the Finals in Stotesbury.


Andy Lewis, Mike Fakhouri, Kurt Smalley, Thomas Payne, James Borchers, Sal Assenza, Rich Holmes, Dan Wengier,Justin FLowers
Brett Wilkinson, Nate Reetz, Brian Riva, Jon Reetz, Ryan VanBuren, Tim Greeney, Skye Michiels, Sal Assenza, Jitu Whitehead
Catherine Scanlon, Stacie Middleton, Bree Buckley, Kelly Myers, Mrs. Sanford, Bianca Brehen, Corrin Gamble, Doreen Cutonilli, Mechelle Burdick, Jen Marchese
Joanna Butler, Lorie Horton, Jennifer Clark, Julie Doughty, Tara Crocco, Kristin Martino, Erika Rexhouse, Jennifer Skovan
Joanne Davis, Laura Fenton, Krista Caiola, Marie Bouchard, Hilary Jonas, Christine Soyka, Nikki Hill,Gianna Santoro, Keri Shedden
For all of the local competitors against Roosevelt High School, there seems to be a case of the Travelling Riverside Blues.  The F.D.R. Crew team has dominated the region on all levels, from Varsity to Freshmen.  This success would not have been achieved, however, if they didn't put 110 percent into each and every practice.  Many hours spent running, lifting weights, and erging seemed to pay off for all of the shells right from the start of the season.  All of this hard work and rigorous training led them to excel at the Stotesbury Cup Regatta, Nationals, and the Empire State Games.  Medals were being brought home left and right.  We can only hope to achieve even greater success with this year's team, which seems to be a very promising one.  As I wish the best of luck to the team this year, I would also like to thank everyone who has supported the Crew team in the past, and we greatly appreciate all of those down by the riverside.
-Ryan Flowers - Varsity Shell


Junior 8
Tim Greeney, Bill Ring,Mark Tuttle, Brett Wilkinson,Kyle Winter, Matt Wodzinski, Mark Reyero, Scott Rowlette,Allen Blair,Ryan Flowers
Adam Napoleon, Steve Cividanes, John Reetz, Mike Knauer, Skye Michiels, JoshStraley, Jay Whitehead,JimBraker, Chad Davis
The yearbook didn't list their names


Stacy Middleton,Mechelle Burdick, Christine Knauer, Doreen Cutonilli,Greta Sieverding, Jenny Clark, Carla Assenza, BiancaBrehen, Meaghan Blumberg

Girls Junior 8
Jen Marchese, Erin Harris, Terri Dedrick, Lorie Horton, Danielle Santoro, Joanna Butler, C. Scanlon, B. Buckley, J. Doughty
Girls four
Danielle Santoro, Kelly Myers, Bree Buckley, Bianca Brehen, Catherine Scanlon
The 1992 season for the Roosevelt crew team was an accomplishment within itself.  Many hours were spent in the weight room, doing pieces on the dreadful Erg and running an infinite number of hills.  However, the hard work and dedication displayed by these skilled athletes soon paid off, earning them a numerous amount of medals.  The men's Junior eight boat received first place at the Mid-Hudson Triangular meet, edging off both Arlington and Poughkeepsie.  At the same meet, the men's second Junior shell also managed to power themselves into a first place position.  The girsl four-man shell consisting of Bianca Brehen, Catherine Scanlon, Bree Buckley, Kelly Myers and coxswain Danielle Santoro, won a bronze medal at the Empire State Games showing their true spirit and determination.  We are all excited about the upcoming 1993 season and only hope for it to be even more successful than last year.


Men's Junior 8
Mike Ignaffo, Jaime Cleveland, Greg Alnwick, Mark Wanish, Steve Rosenberg, Art Robinson, Jim Flanagan, Kyle Winter, Matt Wodzinski
Also in Boys Varsity (no picture)
Jonathan Bialek, Brett Peeling, Craig Mayen, Phil DelVecchio, Mike Dillon, Terry Kilmer, Jeff Koren, Addam Rakow, Jeff Riva, Scott Rowlette, Josh Schoenberg, Matt Sheldon, Mike Snyder, Mark Wanish, Mark Reyero

Girls Varsity (no picture)
Carla Assenza, Erica Brown, Bree Buckley, Mechelle Burdick, Jen Burghardt, Doreen Cutonilli, Amie Dalbo, Cheryl Etu, Audrey Fredrichsen, Rebecca Holmes, Christine Knauer, Kim Lanigan, Stacy Middleton, Katrina Salgovic, Greta Sieverding, Tina Sokolowski, Tara Van Buren


Varsity Boys
Greg Alnwick, Bradley, Andros, Jonathan Bialek, Craig Brady, Jaime Cleveland, Philip DelVecchio, Michael Dillon, James Flanagan, Chris Fox, Mike Ignaffo, Terry Kilmer, Jeff Koren, Chris Mayen, Ronald Myers, Brett Peeling, Addam Rakow, Mark Reyero, Jeff Riva, Derek Russell, Michael Scanlon, Mike Snyder, Kent Wilkinson, Kyle Winter

Freshman/Novice Boys (above two pictures)

Allen Blair, James Braker, Scott Cleveland, Ryan Flowers, Andrew Flynn, Tim Greeney, Matthew Hooker, Jason Martin, Adam Napoleon, Nathan Reetz,William Ring, Brian Riva, Steven Rosenberg, Matt Sheldon, Ryan Smith John Sullivan, Michael Sutton, Ryan VanBuren,Mark Wanish, Brett Wilkinson, Matthew Wodzinski

 JV Boys
James Flanagan, Chris Fox, Ronald Myers, Mark Reyero, Kent Wilkinson

Varsity Girls (above two pictures)

As you might have noticed, this era wasn't big on telling us who was in the pictures.  They just listed the names of people in crew and gave us some pictures.  Just below is the list from the yearbook, under that we're going to start trying to identify who is who in the pictures.  Help welcome...thanks to Laura Ladd for getting us started.

Allisyn Beisner, Allison Bialosuknia, Ellen Bosanko, Erica Brown, Doreen Cutonilli, Stacy Dominguez, Jennifer Firlings, Audrey Friedrischsen, Brooke Greenhill, Diana Gustafson, Petra Hamalainen, Rebecca Holmes, Christine Knauer, Kimberly Lanigan, Stacy Middleton,Jody Sanford, Greta Sieverding, Tara VanBuren

Top Picture:  Jody Sanford, Allison Bialosuknia, Ellen Bosanko, Erica Brown, Doreen Cutonilli, Stacy Dominguez, Jennifer Firlings, Audrey Friedrischsen, Brooke Greenhill

Bottom Picture:  somebody, Diana Gustafson, the rest...

Freshman/Novice Girls
Carla Assenza,Meaghan Blumberg, Bianca Brehen, Bridget Brehen, Bree-ann Buckley, Rachel Buono, Mechelle Burdick, Jennifer Burghardt, Amie Dalbo, Cheryl Etu, Daniela Femia, Erin Harris, Leandra Lepska, Jennifer Marchese, Kelly Myers, Amy Nichol, Heidi Petersen, Katrina Salgovic, Tina Sokolowski, ava Sotanski, Kimberly Tibbet, Stephanie White


Novice:  Alli Beisner, Meg Blumberg, Rachel Brehse, Erica Brown, Doreen Cutonsilli, Stacey DiStefano, Audrey Friedrichsen, Sue Gadosky, Diana Gustafson,Shelby Hoose, Chris Knauer, Kim Lanigan, Courtney Legg, Cristin McPeak, Greta Sieverding, Ava Sotanski
 3rd Eight
Greg Alnwick, Tom Baker, John Cutonilli, Phil Delvecchio, John Irving, Jason LaFalce, Chris Mayen, Tom Mullen, Scott Pitcher
Senior 8
Brad Andros, Marcy Barnum, Brandon Gamble, Phil Haberstock, Darren Hummel, Matt Lee, Chris Murphy, Jeff Riva
 Junior 8
Jonathan Bialek, Craig Brady, Jamie Cleveland, Mike Dillon, Jeff Koren, Derek Russell, Mike Scanlon, Mike Snyder, John Vana
 First Freshman
Jay Boraski, Chris Fosmire, Chris Fox, Ryan Gamble, Keith Grey, Damien Guermont, Terry Kilmer, Addam Rakow, Kyle Winter
2nd Freshman
Josh Brehse, Andy Bugosh, Scott Cleveland, Jim Flanagan, Mike Ignaffo, Peter Morgan, Ron Myers, Keith Nyhof, Mark Reyero, Art Robinson, Matt Sheldon, Kolby Slocum, John VanBuren, Kent Wilkinson