FDR CREW Braving the Hudson for over 60 years!

The 1980s


 Chris Murphy, Brandon Gamble, Darren Hummel, Mike LaFalce, Matt Lee, Mike Ritchie, Brad Andros, Jaime Cleveland, Rob Sweet
Jeff Riva, Jeff Koren, Jon Bialek, Mike Snyder, Craig Brady, Chris Fosmire, Derek Russell, Chris Mayen, Mike Dillon
Jim Bettencourt, Eric Czech, Andy Igoe, John Ruhland, Bryan Woods, Mike Dawson, Rick Laffin, Eric Brady, Pat Murphy, John Myers
Jim Baraski, Val Zocchi, Phil DelVecchio, Jason LaFalce, Tom Baker, Greg Alnwick, Ken Shafer, Kyle Winter, Ron Myers, Addam Rakow, Bill Carrig, Matt Bowen, Josh Brehse, Keith Grey, Peter Morgan
Steve Ptterson, Ken Canfield, Coach Ray Barnum, Brooke Greenhill, Mike Vana, John Cutonilli, Scott Pitcher, Jay Brands, Mike Scanlon, Tom Mullen
Collete Vertullo, Lynn Heady, Dawn Stewart, Cindy Callahan, Kerrie Arata, Tara Wade, Heather Jones, Ali Bialosuknia, Marcy Barnum
Missy Leuken, Tracy Keller, Jenny Long, Stacy Dominguez, Robin Etu, Adrienne Yih, Sue Battista, Jody Sanford, Tracy Holmes
Wendy Salazar, Kim Tibbet, Meaghan Blumberg, Marnie Canfield, Tara VanBuren, Bridget Brehen, Greta Sieverding, Donna Incorvaia, Dena Williams

Erin McIntyre, Siobhan Flaherty, Beth Marchese, Cindy Polistena, Mary Hannon, Becky Lambe, Becky Holmes, Terry Pastrana

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Pat Murphy, Andy Igoe, Rick Laffin, Evan Grace, Jason Reichgut, Mike LaFalce, John Myers, Ken Canfield, Mike Ritchie
Mike Vertullo, Matt Flanagan, Chris Murphy, Eric Brady, Tom Sanford, Kevin Long, Bryan Woods, Matt Lee, Tom Stickley
Tom Mullen, Eric Czech, Scott Pitcher, Darren Hummel, Rich Shook, Ken Weber, John Vana, Robert Sweet, John Cutonilli
Kristie Vertullo, Jennifer Long, Laura Lueken, Liz Kerin, Karen Dunfee, Adrienne Yih, Julie Roberts, Tracy Holmes, Stacy Dominquez
 For the members of the crew team, four months of intense challenging practices and races are not easy.  However the majority of the team will agree that all the work and long hours is worth it and pay off in the end.  The team started out their season with their routine land training.  In addition to their rigorous weight circuits and runs, they added another ergometer.  The crew teams gets much use out of these machines which most closely test and strengthen the endurance needed when rowing in the actual shell.  The team then hit the water in early mid-March.  The team's overall record proved to be quite successful for the girls.  Victories were won at the local Triangular Regatta against both Arlington and Poughkeepsie crew teams.  At the nationals in Delaware, the girls team also brought home a bronze medal.  Here, the boys junior four also qualified for semi-finals.  The boys team also won races at Liverpool, Mid-Hudson Invitational, and the Triangular.  Boats which qualified for post-season races were the senior eight, junior eight, junior four, and senior four.  A few crew members seemed to stand out when it came to leading the team to success.  These members were Liz Kerin, Karen Dunfee, Tom Stickley, Matt Flanagan, and especially Tom Sanford, who was named crew athlete of the year by the Poughkeepsie Journal.  Overall, the team had a spirited and successful year, and those returning are ready for another year like this one.

"If you never row, you'll never know" - John Myers


Junior 4:  Steve Patterson, Richard Laffin, Todd Mayen, Eric Brady, Pat Murphy
Varsity 4:  Andy Igoe, Brian Dolansky, Jim Ritchie, Evan Grace, Jim Stillwell
Varsity 4:  Sean Holsopple, Glenn Burger, Eric Czech, Tom Callahan, Dave Mihocko
Varsity 8:  John Ruhland, John Myers, Mike Vertullo, Matt Flanagan, Tom Sanford, Ken Canfield, Brian Woods, Kevin Long, Tom Stickley
Junior 4:  Lottie Ruhle, Barbara Dolansky, Caroline Fenwick, Mary Hannon
Junior 8:  Jennifer Cleveland, Jennifer Baker, Lynn Heady, Toni Distefano, Collette Vertullo, Jody Sanford, Kerrie Arata, Marcy Barnum
Junior 8:  Beth Marchese, Sherry Sammarco, Shelley Gallante, Antoinette Stickter, Edna Coste, Susan Battista, Tracy Holmes, Julie Roberts, Adrienne Yih, Tracy Canavan
Junior 4:  Karen Dunfee, Jennifer Long, Kristie Vertullo, Melissa Lueken, Cindy Polistena
Varsity 4:  Tara Smith, Kristin Caccoma, Megan McDonnell, Liz Kerin, Karen Grey
The light of the new sun struck the waters of the Hudson, turning the surface into a glittering, faceted gem.  Just after dawn, and already the dedicated Roosevelt boys' and girls' crew teams are out on the river, glistening as droplets of sweat run down their bodies.

Crew is extremely demanding, mentally and physically, but our boys team stood up to the challenge.  The entire year was a winning trend, but towards the end of the season, they really stood out.  Our Junior 8 team took a bronze medal at the Stotesbury Cup race in Philadelphia, the premier event of the year.  A few days later they again proved themselves, finishing 7th, 9th, and 10th out of 65 at the Nationals in Virginia.  

"It takes a special person to handle the commitment...," says Mr. Vertullo, head coach.  From the looks of it, we've got a lot of them here at F.D.R.

In crew, it is the team effort, the strong commitment to the group that counts," declared Mr. Vertullo.  And what a group we've had for girls' crew.

If the boys' teams did well, the girls were spectacular.  At the Stotesbury Cup races the senior 4 girls took the silver medal and the Junior 4 team took the gold.  Not satisfied with their successes there, both teams went to the Nationals were the Senior 4 team won a bronze (3rd out of 65!) and the Junior 4 team won a silver (2nd out of 65!)

It was hard, it was painfulo, but it was worth it.  Nice Going!


 Pat Vertullo, Andy Clark, Tom Callahan, Dave Mihocko, Sean Holsopple, Tom Stickley, Tom Sanford, Todd Mayer, Tim Lay, Roy Kirkhus, Kevin Long, Dave Birsner, Pat Manning, Dave Kirkhus, Phil Porteus, Shannon Firtzgerald, Glen Burger, Jim Ritchie, Pete Dahowski, Darren Hummel, John Ruhland, Mike LaFalce, Bob Gross, Matt Flanagan, Rob Casey, mike McKinnon, Terrance Scanlon, John Meyers, Bryan Woods, Pat Murphy, Eric Czech, Ken Canfield, Eric Brady, Rick Laffin, Chris Murphy, Steve Patterson, Scott Pitcher, Mike Ritchie, Chris Mayo, Dan Duffy, Lars Lifrak, Chris Smith, Scott Martin, Dave Lennon, Aaron Adams, Tom Mullin, Rich Shook, Jason Adams, Rob Sweet
Laurie Barnum, Sue Batista, Kristin Caccoma, Tracy Canavan, Kim Cleveland, Edna Coste, Janine Delahanty, Shelley Gallante, Nancy Haberstock, Mina Heikinen, Denise Killoran, Jenny Lee, Beth Marchese, Megan McDonnell, Marlo Murphy, Cindy Polistena, Nicky Rabidou, Lottie Ruhle, Heather Russell, Sherry Sammarco, Tara Smith, Kathy Wager, Sue Webster, Adrienne Yih


 A. Connolly, E. Holsopple, C. Pitcher, B. Watson, D. Birsner, R. Casey, A. Clark, D. Corrado, D. Hickey, M. Joseph, R. Kirkhus, P. Manning, S. Martin, T. Lay, D. Stickley, P. Vertullo, A. Wells, G. Burger, T. Callahan, K. Eng, D. Fenwick, S. Holsopple, M. Johnson, D. Mihocko, J. Ritchie, J. Canavan, E. Cerniglia, M. Flanagan, P. Gaffney, P. Golneck, C. Johnson, D. Kirkhus, K. Long, T. sanford, T. Stickley, M. Vertullo, C. Gise, K. Weber, B. Woods
M. McDonnel, A. Chamberlin, J. Lee, H. Gustafson, P. Wade, M. Saucy, A. Kreig, D. Whitney, K. Kern, S. Wajda, T. Smith, K. Grey, W. Roberts, K. Wager, K. Pitcher, N. Haberstock, L. Kerin, K. Caccoma, K. Dunfee, N. Rabidou, S. Stelmach, C. Vertullo, J. Delehanty, S. Webster, L. Barnum, S. Constable, Coach M. Cerulli


Andy Clark, Rob Casey, Andy Connolly, Brad Tocher, Dan Hickey, Alan Wells, Roy Kirkhus, Pat Manning, Bruce Watson
 As the calendar turned to February and ice still lingered on the Hudson, the 1983 crew season was well underway.  As spring approached, the strenuous land workouts of the winter began to show their profit on the water.  Here coordination, endurance and the will to win were combined to form several boats and an excellent Roosevelt Crew Team.  Both boys and girls had an outstanding season.  The freshman boys achieved a second in the Stotesbury Regatta held in Phil., while the younger girls 8 swept the Hudson Valley region.  The year ended successfully at the National Rowing Regatta in Virg.  Despite competitive competition a girls Sr. 4 placed fourth as both boys and girls Jr. 8 went on to capture second.  Although crew seasons often come and go without recognition, the dedication and perseverance of the 1983 crew team made it a year to remember.


The yearbook for 1983 didn't list any names to go with the pictures.

All the crew teams at F.D.R. have worked hard to gain recognition - over the past few years they've done just that.  David Vertullo, called "Mr. V" has been the coach for quite a few years, with Rick Flannagan as captain.  They are nationally ranked and have had many wins.  One rather unpleasant surprise was a Poughkeepsie win ove F.D.R's varsity boat - not much in itself - but it was the first time in 20 years.  This defeat is pleasantly contradicted with an undefeated record held by the Frosh Crew and the second straight win of the Stotesbury Cup Regatta in Philadelphia.  Coach Vertullo believes that "the more you demand, the more you get" and that "the will to win is 99% of any victory."


<No Yearbook photos or names for 1981>


<No Yearbook photos or names for 1981>


 Senior Eight
John Mastrocinque, Joe Farkas, Taki Decker, Scott Royce, Jerry Fournier, Jim McKenna, Matt Theodoso, Ted Plass, Jeff Depree
Junior Eight
Brian Moran, Tom Friends, Todd Chamerlain, John Kendall, Brett DeCeasar, Tim Lynch, Steve Sutka, Bill Duffield, Mike Stickley
Third Eight
Mark Abdoo, Rick Flannagan, Chris Kreig, Greg Walsh, Bill Germano, Brian Dimisko, Dave Russell, Mike Dunfy, Glenn Harrington
Freshman Eight
Greg Johnson, R. J. Sarmiento, Tim Stickley, John Robertson, Greg Buckley, Tom Bialek, Terry Plass, Kevin Anderson, Al Mantanino
Lightweight Eight
Dave Dyer, Rick Dono, Mike Tomanocy, Kurt Quackenbush, Todd Kardas, Rick Nassetta, Mike Mannix, Jim Hoffert, Dave Tomlins
Freshman Four
Randy Hackett, Matt Brock, Bruce Watson, Tony Wiesenberg, Charely Preston