FDR CREW Braving the Hudson for over 60 years!

The 1960s


Front Row

Dave Henle, Larry Bracone, Mike Pattie, Dave Tater, Thomas Spingola, Tom Michaels, Bruce MaGee, Larry Van Wagner

Second Row
John Stanton, Ed ClarkChuck Cables, Herb Holzer, Brad Legg, Gerry Whitworth, Dennis Bowe, Len Paluso, Ed Wesniewski, Gregg Linsley, Dave Fatum

Third Row
Dave Jones, Brad McAllister, Craig Pearce, Don Buso, Danny Hinz, Craig Germano, Richie Lake, Andy Johnson, Joe Schrotz, Bernie Neit

Fourth Row
Gerard Whitworth, Bob Henle, Barry Krom, Bruce Burnett, Charlie Lamoree, Joe Michaluk, Jay Hall, Pete Licis, George Fell, Mr. Scott Sanford


Doug Puskar, Bill Douglas, Dave Bennett, Parry Drake, Steve Purdy, Bruce Whittaker, Bob Clark, Dave Johnson, Craig Jorgenson
Larry Bracone, Jim Moseley, Karl Schaefer, Bernard Niet, Rich Lake, Garry Whittaker, Robert Gilbert, Andy Johnson, Jim Wiese, John Townsend
Third Boat
David Leadbitter, George Saunders, Dave Fatum, Dave Jones, John Stanton, Jim Rack, Herman Sieverding, Greg Lindsley, Steven Schaefer, George Kampher
Last season the Roosevelt Varsity crew was able to continue its era of supremacy on the Hudson River.  Remaining undefeated in Hudson River competition, the crew captured the right to represent Dutchess County in the National Schoolboy Regatta held at St. Catherines, Canada.  This crew was also honored by the Poughkeepsie Elks Club and the Hyde Park Lion's Club.

The departure of many seniors leaves the varsity boatings open to many fine returning sophomores and juniors.  The 1968 season will present the greatest challenge to Roosevelt rowing supremacy in recent years.  However, the outlook for the season is bright and the squad is confident that hard work will produce a "winner".


Row 1
Roger Hunter, Bob Clark, Dave Johnson, Richard Zirbes, Jim Opdenbrouw, Garry Whittaker, Leo Sieverding, Steve Schaefer

Row 2
George Saunders, Charles Lange, Jim Wiese, Steve Walker, David Roe, Dennis Kipp, Dave Farnum, Doug Puskar, Greg Groves, Bill Douglas, Parry Drake, Gary Petroe, Niles Wittenberg

Row 3
Richard lake, John Stanton, Greg Lindsley, Jim Moseley, Karl Schaefer, Bob Gilbert, Craig Jorgensen, Steve Purdy, Bob Suppies, Bruce Whittaker, Bob Scott, Harry Markle, Herman Sieverding

Crew is the sport that demands total involvement on the part of all the members of each boat.  The record of the team is not determined by a few outstanding individuals, but by the efforts of all the participants.  Coach Sanford has found that the oarsmen at Roosevelt have always been willing to make the sacrifice demanded of them by this sport.

The 1966 season brought many honors to our crew team.  They represented Dutchess County in the National Schoolboy Regatta in New York City.  They were honored by the Poughkeepsie Elks Club at the annual "Night of Champions"  dinner.  The Hyde Park Lions Club also honored them in a similar manner.  They ended the season with thirty wins and one loss.


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 Ron Creighton, Ken Olson, Bob Block, Tom Smith Gary Martino, Bill Fitzpatrick, Pete Andros, Jeff Doughty, Dave Pankenier
 The Crew Team finished the 1964 season with a respectable record.  The hard-pulling lads have worked diligently under the coaching of William Lenehan.  In the National Schoolboy Regatta the lightweight varsity finished in second place out of the many crews that entered.

With many young prospects returning next year from last year's crew, Mr. Sanford, the new coach, is looking forward to very successful future seasons.


 Pete Sweeney, Gerald Traver, Pete Andros, Jeff Doughty, Attila Gyorky, Schiller Cassell, Tom Martin, Mike Stofa, Bob Block


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 No names for the boys.

Crew appeals to the boy who can discipline himself to hard work and hwo takes pride in a good performance without thought of individual glory.  

For Coach Everett Westa's hardpulling lads, victory was usually only a fraction of a second away.  The high points of the season came when the green and gold swept Highland from the Hudson, and was edged out in the National Regatta at Washington D.C.

When Coach Richard King takes over this spring, he will be faced with the job of filling six slots in the Varsity boat.


 Tack Silvernale, John FitzPatrick, Brian Parker, Bruce Davidson, Dick Hersh (kneeling), Roland Bahret, Lou Scoma, Dave Towner, Ed Holden
After dropping six races in a row to Arlington and Poughkeepsie oarsmen, the green-and-gold sweep-swingers swept Highland from the Hudson in what turned out to be a bright spot in an otherwise so-so season for Roosevelt crews.  Coach Everet Westa's and Richard King's charges did make things close whenever they raced though, and journeyed to Princeton, New Jersey for the National Regatta, where the Varsity was decisioned by a boat from Alexandria, Virginia in a semi-final heat.

This spring, the Varsity boat will boast four returning oarsmen who have experience and a winning tradition.  Chances are good that they will improve on last year's mark.


The gold-shirted sweepswingers were always a threat last year, second only to the brawny blue boatload from Poughkeepsie High.  Though losing four oarsmen from the '58 shell, coaches Edson Decker and Everett Westa turned out a smooth-stroking Varsity that fared well in the best of competition.

Roosevelt rowers outmuscled Arlington in their first contest on the Hudson to make a clean sweep of a four race regatta.  FDR came in fourth in the jayvee and varsity finals of the 10 school Hudson-Champlain regatta after copping first place in a preliminary test against four other schools.  poughkeepsie's powerhouse edged the Presidents by four seconds in the Championship Regatta, but the determined Roosevelt third boaters, who had the best season of the four crews, uncorked a blistering sprint to beat the Pioneers in a thrilling finish.

Coach Decker, who piloted RHS to two area championships in four years, is now Freshman Coach at Columbia University.