FDR CREW Braving the Hudson for over 60 years!

Hyde Park Rowing Association Board of Directors

  Sue Cerulli
  [email protected]
 Vice President
  Sharon Squire
  [email protected]
  Jim Burns
  [email protected]
 Shirley Monteleone-Harrington
  [email protected]
Board Members
 email address
Kathy Berry
Lisa Coppola
Luigi Coppola
Bill Dawson
Linda Forcello
[email protected]
Tom & Cindy Gannon
[email protected]
Andrew Hoffman
a[email protected]
Denise Hoffman
Fred Meluson
Laurie Meluson
Brian Wojszynski
[email protected]
Kristine Palmer
Bill Wajda
Laurie Wajda
Bob Beckmann
[email protected], [email protected]